Max Smith is sticking to his work timetable and trying his best! Ace work Max.
Ellie Williams is trying her hardest and is completing her work without having to be asked. Well done Ellie!
Clayton Fahey for completing all of the English work provided. Well done.
Glenbo Whur well done for completing all his work and working really hard.
Nicole Littlewood for getting on really well at home completing all the work set and asking for extra work.
Bailey Willingham for working really well in maths and completed all of the maths tasks set.
Dom Welburn, he has completed all his work and is asking for more Maths / English work.

Oak Road Community Pond


Rise Academy is developing a  programme in partnership with the RANK Foundation to utilize the Oak Road Community Pond. It aims to create a ‘community foraging’ area at the forgotten local fishing pond.

The foraging area is being developed and maintained by students from Rise Academy in partnership with the Rise Learning Sanctuary, non-English speaking students new to the city.

The project will collaboratively bring together ten different cultures and languages to create an environmental legacy area for the people of Hull.

The community area will include seasonal fruit trees, soft fruit and nut bushes, vegetables and herbs all edible and when in season available for the local community to forage.

Acorn Festival

The festival adopts the theme of freedom, which creates an awareness of the unexpected collaboration between young migrants and disadvantaged students. They will plan and produce the arts festival close to the Oak Road boathouse which led an avant-guard arts movement that challenged rules and promoted artistic creation.

The festival will host a display of music, arts, crafts and multicultural cuisine, around the beauty of the forgotten Oak Road Lake.