Humberside Police – Alfie’s Story

Humberside Police – Alfie’s Story

Sadly, it’s a film that is based on true life events about Alfie, a young boy who is groomed and exploited by organised criminal groups into selling drugs and becoming embroiled in a world of criminality and violence.

Parts one and two of Alfie’s story were released last year by Not in Our Community, with parts three and four officially launching last night at Grimsby Town Hall, to be disseminated across the wider Humberside Force area in the coming weeks.

The sequels highlight Alfie’s struggle to break free from the life he’s been drawn into, and the pressures, dangers, intimidation and violence vulnerable children and teenagers face whilst being exploited by organised criminals.

Some children perceived as causing disruption within our communities could be some of the most vulnerable groomed by adults exploiting them.

Serious and Organised Crime Inspector Steve Peck said: “Protecting children and young people from those who want to exploit them into dealing drugs and getting involved in other criminal behaviour is one of our highest priorities.

“These young people may well on the face of it look like this is the life they want, but the fact of the matter is they may well have been groomed from a very young and impressionable age by adults, and they have been drawn into this lifestyle through the promise of earning large amounts of money and designer clothing they would not normally be able to afford.

“What they don’t realise is that in time, the individuals and groups they thought were their friends, or even groomed to think ‘their family’ then go on to exploit them, taking away the money and forcing them to work for free and to carry out acts of criminality, with threats of violence to them and their family if they don’t cooperate.

“We must remember that they are children, and keep in mind that while they are committing crime that will be dealt with, there is quite possibly always a deeper root cause and the organised crime groups are the ones we must and do take action against.”

As part of ongoing efforts in North East Lincolnshire to rid our communities of these groups, there are robust plans in place and intelligence collated around tactics used by these groups to try and evade police detection.

Inspector Peck continued: “We know the supply and misuse of drugs and the consequences is felt within communities; it is a serious issue and brings misery and distress to those who live in these areas and we are committed in keeping our residents safe.

“Our Neighbourhood Policing teams across the county work very closely with our community and through continued day-to-day activity in their areas, they are the eyes and ears, meaning they are best placed to identify any offending.

“Children are being trafficked around the country and the threat to children crosses county borders. I would urge the public to report any suspicious activity particularly new or regular visitors to addresses within your community.

“I would always encourage anyone with information in relation to criminal activity, or even just any concerns, to please make contact with us or Crimestoppers completely anonymously on 0800 555111.

“Together with information from the public, we will continue to tackle and prevent drug related crime and we are determined do all we can to protect our young people from becoming involved in criminality and prevent them from exploitation.”

If you believe you or someone you know is being exploited, you can call the police, Crimestoppers, speak to social services or stop an officer on the street.

Alfie’s Story is available to watch via the Not In Our Community Website or on Youtube.