Olivia – for a fantastic week in the Academy. Well done
Shane – For working hard to produce some great artwork. Well done.
Millie – for completing all of her work packs and adhering to the government guidelines and staying at home. Well done.
Conrad – for starting his work and working his best without his overlay, as well as putting effort into his work. Week done.
Tyler – for completing every bit of work given to him and really trying hard. Well done.
Lillie – For completing all the work set and returning it for marking. Well done
Max – For completing and returning all the work set by staff. Well done.
Charlotte – For working really hard. Well done.
Dylan – For working really hard. Well done
Chrissy – For good behaviour in the Academy this week and for great effort.
Dom – for brilliant work on percentages this week, for not giving up until you mastered them. Well done

Mental Health Awareness Week: 18th – 24th May

Mental Health Awareness Week: 18th – 24th May

This week is mental health awareness week. Here at Rise we are huge advocates of the importance of looking after your mental health- both staff and students. This years theme is kindness.<

Kindness is defined by being friendly and considerate of others or by doing something that is motivated by wanting to help or make a difference!

Now more then ever is it important to try and be kind to each other as well as your self. We are living in scary times, but let’s not underestimate the power of kindness and how it helps keep us together- as a school and wider community.

During mental health awareness week you could celebrate by:

  1. Reflecting on an act of kindness that has helped you- write or draw a picture
  2. Performing an act of kindness to help someone else, this could be; helping them with their shopping, baking them something to cheer them up to making them a surprise cup of tea to let them know you care!
  3. Create poster’s, flags and cards to display to promote Mental Health Awareness Week or kindness

Remember to share your acts of kindness using the hashtag #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and #kindnessmatters

Let your teacher, welfare caller or LEP know how you have celebrated kindness and we will put it on the website!

Remember- be kind to people and yourself. Missing you all! Sadie 🙂

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