Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday

As it is Remembrance Sunday this weekend, we have been completing work on World War 1 and 2.

During the week we have looked at a poem called ‘An Inquisitive Mind of a Child’.  It told the story of a young girl asking her mother why we sell Poppies.  From this, we decided that we wanted to pay respect to all the fallen soldiers that had fought for our freedom.

Poppy Day 001
Poppy Day 002

We found out that Sutton Church is home to the bodies of 20 fallen soldiers during WW1 and WW2.  We wanted a way to say thank you and to show respect for the job they did.

We printed a copy of the poem onto card and laminated it. Sarah also added Poppies onto the corners so it looked nice.

We also designed a wreath with a copy of the poem in the middle.  We wanted to place this on the memorial statue outside the church.

Sarah found the names of the soldiers who are buried there and a picture of the headstone.  We then went round as a group and tried to find as many as we could.  We stuck a copy of the poem onto the headstone and said thank you to the person buried there.

It was really sad at certain parts of the graveyard as it was really overgrown and some of the headstones were broken.

We all went and placed the wreath we had made on the memorial statue.  We stood and had a picture taken and Sarah asked us to stay silent for a moment so we could think about all those who fought for us.

A lady came out of the Church and saw that we were placing things on the headstones and asked us what it was.  We showed her and she asked if we could go in the church and show the Reverend Gloria.

They showed us all around the church and showed us their own remembrance stuff.  Josh stood at the front and the rest of us sat on the benches.  Josh then read out the poem.  A group of old people sat and listened too.

The Vicar said it was lovely and asked if she could use it in her service on the Sunday.  We are really pleased and said she could.

We really enjoyed today.

By Ellis, Callum, Josh, Kelsey and Lily – Year 9.