Rise Academy Race to Enterprise Success

Rise Academy Race to Enterprise Success

Greenpower Education Trust is a registered charity, which believes in providing young people with an exciting, real life project to build valuable life skills, teach students how to integrate into and perform well as team in order to achieve a goal. This year Rise Academy is part of the Formula 24 Green power project which encourages schools to submit teams to compete in building and racing a kit car. Our Rise Racers will use their entrepreneurial skills to design, construct and race the kit car.

Rise Race To Enterprise Success

Teams across the country will receive a kit car pack, that includes a chassis, wheels, brakes, safety harness, steering, batteries and an engine, everything that is required to build a regulation compliant car with the exception of body work, however teams will be granted free access to state of the art industry leading CAD software, solid edge from Siemens to aid them in designing body work how they like. There are strict regulations provided with each kit car pack in order to ensure the safety of the drivers and give young people an insight into real world engineering.

Our team comprises of students that study BTEC Enterprise and those that have committed additional time in enrichment both before and after school.  The project will run from November 2016 through to July 2017 when a race will be held in Hulls’ Queens Gardens.

Students will have hands on experience building a kit car, working as part of team, leading a team and managing a project. The build in total should take 30 hours.

Overall we hope the students learn some valuable life skills that they can use in the future, gain confidence, feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy themselves!

Let’s hope that our Rise entrepreneurs can race to success!