Rise Academy students collaborate to deliver a multi-cultural festival

Rise Academy students collaborate to deliver a multi-cultural festival

Have you lost faith in the youth of today? Well, this festival would have restored your opinion of young people.

Students from Rise Academy came together for the City of Culture to present a festival in a day. The Acorns Arts Festival, which took place on Saturday 1st July 2017 was held around the beauty of the forgotten Oak Road Lake. Nestled around the fishing pond was array of exhibitions, presentations, installations and performances that celebrate the unexpected coming together of Hull youths and migrant students new to the city. The festival was a free to enter event that offered a cultural experience for all the family. Whether you wanted to make yourself a costume with the carnival arts workers (Judy’s Attic & Eco Forrest School) and be part of the carnival procession or simply sample the multicultural cuisine, music and theatre. This unique festival gave the 2000 visitors the opportunity to be an observer or a participant.

Organiser Philip Mountain Wade (deputy) said “This is what makes Rise Academy special! A PRU is never on any families wish list but when you get to Rise Academy your opportunity to engage in fun learning begins. I love the concept that the disadvantaged students of the city educated at Rise Academy can host this event, bringing together a number of differing nationality community groups and Saturday Schools to put on a show like this! I am immensely proud of the students, staff and all of the participants. I would like to thank the contribution of Polish Community Centre, Polish Saturday School, Lithuanian Saturday School, Libyan Saturday School, The Rise Learning Sanctuary & the Rise Art department for such a wealth of art, entertainment and fun”

Each of the five community groups offered a sample of their culture. You could try food, create costumes, learn national dance….a full immersion of culture! That’s why we are the City of Culture 2017

We pulled it off. Well done everyone!

I just wanted to say a huge well done for your event this weekend! Thankfully the weather was beautiful and it was great to see so many people relaxing with their families and friends and enjoying the event. I thought the setting was beautiful and an ideal environment for the festival.

City of Culture team