Rising Stars Beach Trip

Rising Stars Beach Trip

On Monday 3rd June our Y5/6 cohort had a trip out to Mappleton beach.

The children all behaved brilliantly and made the most of the sensory experience on the beach using sand and water. For the maths lesson they had to find some smooth rocks and write their 8 times tables on them, some even went all the way up to 30×8!

For their literacy lesson, the children used their five senses to think of descriptive words. We then used these words the next day to write a recount of our trip. The children worked really well as a team, looking for rocks for their maths activity and helping others by sharing ideas. For being so good the children got to have a race on the beach and a play in the sea before lunch.

Rising Stars Beach Trip 001
Rising Stars Beach Trip 002
Rising Stars Beach Trip 003
Rising Stars Beach Trip 004

After lunch the children took part in their nurture activities. They started by relaxing with some yoga and showing various poses.

Then the children connected with their senses again before creating a piece of art to represent their feelings. Some of the children used their hands and feet to express how they were feeling.