Team Rise reflect on our personal ‘why statements’

Team Rise reflect on our personal ‘why statements’

Just taking a moment to think about why we work in education is important because these are the moments that make us fee fulfilled and focus us on doing an outstanding job for the children we educate. We are in a profession that gives us the opportunity to make a difference to and maybe change another persons’ life… every single day. It feels good to be part of Team Rise. I am proud to work with you all. Phil

Key themes:

  • We are a family

I enjoy the team I work with. My colleagues are fun and supportive. We are in this together, we share the same goals for the kids. My team are important to me and I am important to them.


  • Everyday is different

Each day brings a new set of challenges, experiences and adventures. It can be so much fun and can be exhausting all in the same day… but the uniqueness of this place is what I love.


  • We believe in the students

The kids who are easy to give up on, the ones who get forgotten, who it’s easy to dismiss, the kids who didn’t have a great start in life and who have given up on themselves…we are here for you. We care for you. Let me inspire you to be the best version of yourself.


  • We want to prepare you for your future

We will support and challenge you now, in equal measures so that you can feel ready for your next steps in a positive direction.


  • We enjoy what we do

The job can be fun, enjoyable and so rewarding. I am where I am meant to be and I am doing what I am meant to do.

Team Rise reflect