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Vocational Programme

Our vocational programme matches the aspirational direction our learners wish to pursue.

All of our timetables are bespoke and provision is sourced to ensure it correlates with relevant individual interests and academic levels.


Hair and Beauty offers the opportunity to be part of an exciting industry in hairdressing and beauty.


Rise Academy have a strong partnership with Hull FC and deliver sports coaching at varying levels.

Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Mechanics is a practical approach to assessment, and includes many visual questioning techniques, which stimulate and interest the learner.


Catering involves food preparation and food service and is designed for students who would like to become a Chef or work front of house and have a passion for food and customer service.

Creative Media

Creative Media provides an engaging and relevant introduction to the world of creative media by exploring topics such as product design, digital photography, video production and animation. The course students develop both practical and academic skills essential in the media industry.


Art and Design is a nationally recognised qualification giving students the opportunity to develop personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.


The ECDL (European Computer Driving License) certification is a internationally recognised qualification, it is a recognition of literacy in computer skills and is designed for novices or casual computer users.

Fire and Rescue

The course is delivered by firefighters at Calvert Lane Fire Station, it offers the young person a unique opportunity to have a positive experience with the Fire and Rescue Service gaining the skills and the knowledge required to be an operational Firefighter.

Military Service

Entry into Military Service is designed for students who would like to go into the Army, Navy or Air force and is based in an Army Barracks in Hull.

Individual Health Plan

The Individual Health Plan course students learn and understand how to maintain a healthy mind and body. It extends their knowledge and interest about how to plan exercise routines, activities and diets.

Youth Work

Ultimately, all youth work has one key aim – to help young people’s emotional and social development in an informal setting but through educational processes.

Multi Trade

The Multi Trade qualification is aimed at those who want to work in the building and construction industry.

Travel and Tourism

Never has there been a more appropriate time if you want to learn more about work in the travel and tourism sector.

Child Development

Child Development gives a basic introduction to the Child Care sector.