Welton Waters Fishing Trip

Welton Waters Fishing Trip

Last Tuesday staff and students from the Rise Up provision were invited to take part in a fishing day at Welton Waters just outside of Hull. The day started off with the seasoned fishing instructors showing the students an 18 pound Pike which they had caught earlier, the students were shocked to see how big the Pike was in real life and in turn eager to begin fishing themselves.

The experts continued to show the students their equipment and the correct way to use it; all of the pupils listened intently and seemed amazed by the vast amount of equipment the fishermen used. The instructors handed out fishing rods to the students and told them to work in pairs which worked very well and was extremely pleasing to see some of the unlikely pairs working together.

As the day progressed it was easy to see how many of the pupils were enjoying their day and excelling at fishing with the majority of them being able to cast perfectly after guidance from the instructors. It was very pleasing to see how well the likes of Joe George took Cameron Sharp under his wing and taught him how to cast as Joe has been fishing many times, so is very knowledgeable about it.

All of the instructors were extremely happy with the behaviour and enthusiasm the students showed on the trip and in fact were so impressed with the pupils they have invited them to come back regularly to learn fishing in depth.