Motor Vehicle Mechanics is a practical approach to assessment, and includes many visual questioning techniques, which stimulate and interest the learner.

The combination of units provides learners with the flexibility in the choice of areas in which they wish to develop their knowledge and skills.

All learners will develop their knowledge and skills in:

  • Health and safety practices in vehicle maintenance and good housekeeping in the automotive environment
  • Tools, equipment and materials for vehicle maintenance

Learners have the opportunity to achieve Level 2 units, which will support the learner’s progression to an IMI Awards’ Level 2 Certificate (VRQ) in the appropriate career route.

Examples of some of the unit options available follow:

  • Introduction to the retail automotive maintenance and repair industry
  • Spark ignition engine systems, components and operation
  • Compression ignition engine systems, components and operation
  • Steering and suspension systems components and maintenance (4 wheels or more)
  • Vehicle braking systems components and maintenance
  • Vehicle wheels and tyres construction and maintenance
  • Vehicle exhaust systems components and maintenance
  • Introduction to low carbon technologies in the automotive industry
  • Vehicle electrical foundation skills
  • Basic vehicle valeting
  • Light vehicle construction
  • Removing and replacing light vehicle electrical units and components
  • Removing and replacing light vehicle chassis units and components
  • Inspection, repair and replacement of high performance light vehicle tyres

Motor Vehicle Mechanics

I have a true passion for mechanics and want to follow in my dad’s footsteps and be a mechanic. I am a hands-on learner and was so excited when I learnt that Rise Academy have Motor Vehicle Mechanics as part of their vocational offer. I thought I would have to wait until I left school to study stuff like this. It’s amazing. We have classroom sessions as well as practical time; understanding how cars, motorbikes and even lawnmowers work. This course will give me a head start on other students who want to become mechanics, as when I leave next year I will have already achieved my Level 2 Diploma and I’ll be ready for an apprenticeship.
Mechanic, Year 11
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