Child Development gives a basic introduction to the Child Care sector.

It includes the knowledge and understanding of child development and well-being necessary for working with children in a variety of settings.

It is aimed at a range of learners who wish to be introduced to childcare and development for children aged 0-5 years. It also gives learners an insight into their preferred learning styles and assists in developing their ability to study.

Childcare and Development

Working with kids is something I was always told I was good at. My mum and aunty say I have a real talent. Choosing childcare on my timetable is giving me the qualification to back up what people say I am good at. I am learning about the developmental stages of children, how children learn, basic parenting and how life experiences can have an effect on a child’s future. I want to go further with this course and maybe even try for an apprenticeship. That would impress my family.
Kayleigh, Year 11
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