GCSE Statistics is a course that runs for one year (1 hour a week), and compliments the GCSE Mathematics course but gives the students an extra qualification.

At the end of the course students sit an external examination paper of 1.5 hours (75%). During the course the students will also undertake a controlled assessment (25%).

Course Content

The GCSE in statistics requires the students to develop knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Planning and data collection
  • Processing, representing and analysing data
  • Reasoning, interpreting and discussing results
  • Probability

Controlled Assessment

Students are required to produce one piece of extended work that demonstrates an ability to handle and compare data.

The idea behind the project is for statistics to be taught and used in real life situations with real data and in particular to assess the collection and interpretation of data, which an examination could never do.

The controlled assessment consists of planning and carrying out a statistical investigation about one of the following 3 themes:

  1. Weight
  2. Music
  3. Employment

Students have 12 one hour lessons to carry out their investigations, after which they need to produce their findings.

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