Student Voice

Our Rise and Shine podcast represents the views of all pupils and influences change in school.
Rise Academy Hull School Council

How do we listen to our students?

Our student voice is captured through our fortnightly ‘Rise and Shine’ podcast. Our students contribute to topical issues about school, young life, current news and just their opinion! The podcast is made by our students and coordinated by our Media Teacher Joe Calum.

The podcast inclusively captures the views of as many students as possible during morning breakfast, enrichment and breaks/lunches. Everyone’s view is welcome! These views are edited into our fortnightly broadcast. Watch out on our newsfeed and here for our recent recordings!

In addition to this we have our regular podcasts desert island disks and our termly debates on topical young life’s issues.

What makes a good one?

Our Rise and Shine podcast represents the views of all pupils and influences change in school.
These are some things that our students have shared their views on:

  • Life After Covid
  • Desert Island Disks (regular programme)
  • What happens at Rise
  • School dinners
  • Rewards
  • Celebrations
  • Topic issues

The Rise and Shine podcast at Rise Academy

Mr Joe Calum runs and organises the Rise and Shine podcast at Rise Academy.

What have the Students at Rise Academy achieved in the past?

  • Re-designed the bistro and its menu
  • Involved with the planning of the redecoration of the school
  • Consultation and planning of the termly reward trips
  • Planning of the forthcoming attendance strategy reward activity
  • Consultation with health practitioners about the restructure of teen mental health support
  • Promotional film making

School at a Glance

We are inspirational

  • By approaching students as individuals and understanding their perspectives, we find new and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement with learning. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution here.

We believe in young people

  • We believe every young person has positive potential and that no student is a “lost cause”, whatever their history. We believe that disengagement is a response to the situation, not the problem, and that given the right support, every student can make a positive contribution.

We are committed

  • The young people who come to us have reached a crisis point. Poor choices, combined with a lack of opportunities and insufficient support, have set them on a downward spiral. We will break this cycle.

We are expert professionals

  • We are experienced, we know what we are doing and can demonstrate that our methods and approach yield outstanding results. We aim to set the standard for excellence in our field and show others how to achieve similar results.