Admission to Rise Academy by application to Hull City Council admission team is not possible. There are four routes that pupils are admitted to the school.

Permanent Exclusion

When a student is permanently excluded from school in Key Stage 3 & 4, Hull City Council admission team are notified by the excluding school. Hull City Council informs Rise Academy of the date of the exclusion and the contact details of the parent/carer. Students who reside in Hull but are permanently excluded from an East Riding school will be referred to Rise Academy.

Referral from Fair Access Panel

Rise Academy forms part of the partnership of schools that supports the admission of vulnerable students through the In Year Fair Access Panel in accordance with Hull City Council Fair Access protocol (

Referral from a school or academy

Any school can make a referral to Rise Academy regardless of the location of the school or academy. There is a charge made to schools and academies for such referrals. Please contact the Head of School for more information about charges.

SEN Consultation Process

As part of the SEN consultation process, Rise Academy will link with local authority SEN departments to assesses the education requirements of pupils with EHCP’s.

School at a Glance

We are inspirational

By approaching students as individuals and understanding their perspectives, we find new and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement with learning. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution here.

We believe in young people

We believe every young person has positive potential and that no student is a “lost cause”, whatever their history. We believe that disengagement is a response to the situation, not the problem, and that given the right support, every student can make a positive contribution.

We are

The young people who come to us have reached a crisis point. Poor choices, combined with a lack of opportunities and insufficient support, have set them on a downward spiral. We will break this cycle.

We are expert professionals

We are experienced, we know what we are doing and can demonstrate that our methods and approach yield outstanding results. We aim to set the standard for excellence in our field and show others how to achieve similar results.
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