Studying at Rise Academy

What do Rise students study?

At Rise Academy, we don’t believe in “one size fits all”. We work with each young person on our roll to create an Individual Learning Journey. This Learning Journey sets targets for the upcoming term, and identifies the support required to ensure they achieve these targets. It also collates information about their progress throughout the year, including their vocational options.

All our students study the two core subjects of English and Maths. All of our classes work towards valid and credible qualifications at the end of academic year or Key Stage.

In addition to these core subjects, we work with students to choose a vocational learning pathway, which is directly linked to their aspirations for life post-16. This flexible learning route means we can offer a bespoke educational package for each student, and put them on the path they want their future to follow.

Rise Academy Is Ace

Basket A) Core English and Maths

This basket is statutory for all learners and leads to a valid and credible qualification at the end of the academic year or Key Stage. The exam boards we work with are AQA, WJEC and Edexcel.

Basket B) Vocational Provision

We work with our students to identify what direction they would like their lives to take post-16. Students will then choose the course of study that will best support their aspirations, from a set of 24 vocational pathways and qualifications contained within this basket.

Basket C) Enrichment

We aim to support students in every aspect of their personal and educational development. From this basket, students will work with staff to choose from activities and qualifications that will enhance the social, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of their learning journey.