Everyone needs to use mathematics, particularly arithmetic, as a tool to help in everyday life and to understand more clearly the world in which we live. Simple calculation, the use of tables giving information, and the interpretation and understanding of figures and graphs will be needed by everyone throughout life. In addition, skills developed in mathematics lessons will help people to tackle new ideas and problems in a confident, logical and organised way.

We challenge students to develop and refine their problem solving strategies and build the confidence and skills required to tackle unfamiliar challenges. The course prepares students to function mathematically in the world and provides a thorough grounding for further study in mathematics.

In 2016 the Yr11’s will undertake two examinations in the summer term. The following year (2017) the GCSE examination will change and will involve 3 shorter examinations.

The whys of Rise​


To develop enquiring minds through math, in accessible and fun ways.

So that students have the skills to see opportunities and potential.


Build relationships, make math relevant, show interest in them, empathise, trust them, positive reinforcement, consistency, build bridges, share your own experiences within reason, take a meta perspective, TIME, patience and flexibility. Safe learning environment.


Math! Basic numeracy, teach to practically apply theory, real life use of math, problem solving, listen to them. Take a very child centred approach.

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