It is our intent that our curriculum will inspire, challenge and enthuse our students to develop as independent thinkers and learners who can achieve a successful transition either back to mainstream school or to further education, employment and training.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of children and young people as individuals. This provides the best platform for success.  By identifying and addressing gaps in learning and having a holistic approach to their difficulties we can ensure they are enthusiastic about learning and can take their place in modern Britain regardless of their background, special need or previous academic history. Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom walls, enriches our student’s lives and broadens their horizons.

The Rise Academy curriculum is developed to ensure that our students have the basic skills needed to become successful adults with qualifications that have currency in the workplace.

The curriculum and wrap around high quality support for emotional well-being provides the framework for maximum engagement in learning and life skills to sustain a healthy and productive adult life.

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