Holiday Representative? Tour Guide? Tourist Information? Centre Assistant? Travel Agent? Hull – City of Culture 2017!
Never has there been a more appropriate time if you want to learn more about work in the travel and tourism sector.This introductory qualification is ideal for anyone looking to work in in a number of travel and tourism roles.Students learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment in this exciting industry. A range of day visits within the UK is also included as part of the course.

The whys of Rise​


Drawing, painting, mixed media, research, art elements painting, look at artists work, discussing, working one to one, explore ideas, get stuck in, mark making, art history, creating.


Collaborative, Reflective, enquiry-based learning, friendly supportive, inviting, exciting themes, group discussions, inspiring interest.


The curriculum, we look at natural disasters around the world, natural beauty attractions in the world, different cultures and ways of living.

Tourism Sector

I was not very good at Geography in my last school but I really want to be an air stewardess; doing the Travel and Tourism course has brought the world of travel to life for me. I am learning about different cultures, holiday destinations and how to plan a trip. I now feel more confident to reach my dream of working for an airline.
Jodi, Year 11 Leaver
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