We are
By approaching students as individuals and
understanding their perspectives, we find new
and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement
with learning.
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We believe in
young people
We believe every young person has positive
potential and that no student is a "lost cause",
whatever their history.
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We are
The young people who come to us have
reached a crisis point. Poor choices, combined
with a lack of opportunities and insufficient
support or even abuse, have set them on a
downward spiral.
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We are expert
We are experienced, we know what we are
doing and can demonstrate that our methods
and approach yield outstanding results.
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Voice Of The Excluded Student

Our Ethos

At Rise Academy, we aspire to be an inspirational Centre of Excellence, where even the most troubled young people can re-engage with learning, and develop the skills and attitude to life that will enable them to fulfill their potential and contribute to society.

We are experts in inspiring young people to re-engage with learning and rediscover their direction. Our years of success are born out of our proven approach and our profound belief in the positive potential of all young people.

With 100% post-16 progression, home support that is second to none and a one-to-one tuition for pupil-premium students, we lead the way in transforming young people with problems into young people with prospects.

Rising Stars!


School Term Dates – Academic Year 2020/21

Autumn Term 2020

Teacher Training Days – 7th September 2020 (1 Days)

Re-open Close for mid-term holiday Re-open Close*
Tuesday 8th September Friday 23rd October Monday 2nd November Wednesday 16th December

Spring Term 2021

Teacher Training Days – 4-5th January 2021  (2 Days)

Re-open Close for mid-term holiday Re-open Close
Wednesday 6th January Friday 12th February Monday 22th February Friday 26th March

Summer Term 2021

May Day – Monday 3rd May

Professional Development Day – Monday 7th, Monday 21st, and Tuesday 22nd June

Re-open Close for mid-term holiday Re-open Close*
Monday 12th April Friday 28th May Tuesday 8th June Friday 23rd July

**Please note that additional inset days may be included to help respond to the changing situation surrounding COVID19

Our Goals

Here you can review some statistics about our School
Students on roll (Oct 2020 Census)
of student tracked into sustained post 16 place (through AP Transition Fund)
of learner achieve grade 4+ in English or Maths
Y11 leave with English and Maths qualification