Design, Photography, Video and Animation

Each units will focuses on a particular area of the media. Students complete interesting and fun assignments while learning through both hands-on, practical work and classroom teaching. The emphasis is on project development through practical and written skills, applied both individually and through teamwork.

The portfolio-based approach to assessment supports the development of communication skills such as extended writing and drafting, critical skills of analysis, team working, working from a prescribed brief, working to deadlines, presenting information effectively, accurately completing tasks and processes and study skills such as research and time management.


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The whys of Rise


To help the misunderstood become understood using media, so that students feel confident to grow and individuals.


Practical, discussion, planning, watching and exploring, supporting confidence development, being patient with students exploring new skills, listen, enter their world, model vulnerability through the creative, give space for students to find their creative.


Creativity, media, film and video.

Media Industry

My film making sessions help me to bring to life things that I have learnt in English. I wrote a journalist interview as part of my assessment in English then filmed it as I was the news reporter. It made my research and words mean something when you see it as part of a film.
Learner, Year 9
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