Rise Academy Management Committee

Rise Academy Management Committee

Governors are appointed to help:

  • oversee the curriculum taught;
  • set and ensure standards are being met;
  • ensure quality is being delivered;
  • implement Trust wide objectives;

The Constellation Trust Objectives:

  1. All pupils, regardless of starting point, will meet or exceed their potential.
  2. All schools will offer a broad, exciting and engaging curriculum that creates a love of lifelong learning.
  3. Every pupil will be given opportunities to develop socially and emotionally to become confident, resilient learners.
  4. The achievement gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils will be closed.
  5. Recruit and retain excellent staff providing high quality professional development.
  6. Best value will be achieved through robust, centralised services to benefit all.

As part of The Constellation Trust governance process Rise Academy governors meet six times per academic year to receive reports from the Headteacher on the life and work of the school. Members of staff also report to Governors at the half termly meetings, and this usually takes the form of an in-depth look at some aspect of the whole curriculum.

This of course means that parents can attend as observers, although governors retain the right to take certain agenda items as confidential.

The Rise Academy governance offers professional challenge to the Head of School, they operate under the wider view of The Constellation Trust Board.

Acknowledging the wider powers given to them by recent legislation Governors have a very significant role to play in ensuring that, along with the Executive Director for AP and the Head of School, they move the school forward in a coherent, cohesive way.

The Constellation Trust Members and Directors

View our Members, Directors and all Trust Governance information here: http://www.theconstellationtrust.org.uk/governance

Rise Academy Local Governing Body

Name Date of Appt Appointed by Term of Office Termination date Business Interest Nature of Interest
Wayne Anderson


09/12/2015 Management Committee 08/12/2019 Local Works

Ings Primary School


Chair of Governors

Leigh O’Donnell

Vice Chair

09/12/2015 Management Committee 08/12/2019 Hull City Council Employer
Munzella Hassan-Antcliffe 17/12/2018 Trustees 16/12/2022 Rise Academy Employer – Staff representative
Richard Gregersen 26/03/2019 Trustees 27/03/2023
Mr Dean Kirk 03/02/2017 Management Committee 18/10/2018 Hull City Council Employer
Mrs Lynn Brattan Unknown LA appt Management Committee 26/11/2018 None None
Mr M Collinson Unknown LA appt Management Committee 08/03/2019 None None
Mr Philip Wade Ex Officio 01/09/2018 Rise Academy Head of School