Supporting young people

Rise Up is our support for young people who have faced difficulties in their host school. Referrals are made by schools to help stabilise school life, reduce suspensions and to access a process of assessment that may identify and undiagnosed learning need. The provision is built on the strong habits and routines needed to rebuild a student’s relationship with education and challenge existing constructs formed by a disrupted learning journey.

Rise Up coordinates the support of multi-agencies to ensure that the holistic needs of a young person are met during their time at the provision. The objective of Rise Up is to reintegrate the student back to their referring  setting. This is a true partnership approach that  aims to assess need, collate support strategies and coordinate a thorough supportive handover to the referring school.

Students follow a unique curriculum experience which forms the foundation for future learning. At Rise Up we teach; English, Maths, Science, History, Art, RSHE, PSD, Physical Education, Reading response and STEM. We offer our students an exciting and dynamic curriculum which will assist all learners in developing key skills, self-confidence and self-esteem to prepare them for the future. Students in KS3 will combine these core subjects with vocational subjects creating a bespoke timetable to meet the pupils needs.

When students arrive at Rise Up, they are allocated to Pathways based on their prior attainment and any SEN need. Students can move pathways as they progress through the Academy. These pathways allow staff to challenge the more able learners and support others appropriately.

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