Quality Assurance Process at Rise Academy

Our Aims:

1. To ensure that any externally commissioned provision is of a high standard and meets the Head of School’s  and Governors expectation in the strive for an outstanding judgement

2. To ensure value for money

3. To uphold pre-agreed service level agreements and challenge any incompetencies

4. To implement key DfE legislation relating to the commissioning of education provision

5. To ensure every commissioned partner meets rigorous quality checks to ensure the safety of children

Ofsted Survey of Alternative Provision

59. There are few requirements for providers of alternative education to register with the DfE or any other body. Consequently, many are unregulated and uninspected. Some local authorities have their own procedures to check safety and suitability of the provision on offer.

61. The local authority or school (whichever places a child with an alternative provision provider) remains accountable for the suitability of the provision and has certain responsibilities relating to students that cannot be transferred to external providers. It is vital that placements are monitored carefully to ensure that each individual students needs are being met by the placement, that the provider is complying with their contract and providing a good quality of provision overall, and that the provision continues to provide value for money.

In signing this agreement, all partners agree to work collaboratively to ensure that the protocols set out in the SLA and set out in summary below, are met to a high standard. This is in conjunction with The Constellation Trust Policy on Safeguarding. (document attached)

How well learners are guided and supporte

Partners will ensure that coherent and effective guidance and support is implemented before, during and after the provision, that meets the needs of all learners on the programme.

Partners will ensure that all matters relating to standards of behaviour, attendance and work expectations are effectively promoted and supported, in particular relating to the agreed code of conduct for disciplinary measures for learners who do not abide by the agreed expectations.

How effective leadership and management are:

Partners will ensure that the programme delivery effectively and successfully meets all required health, safety and safeguarding statutory needs, as set out in the SLA, and including naming a senior person to take the role of Key Contact and a named Child Protection.

Partners will ensure resources are used effectively to support the programme, including committing staff hours as agreed to enable them to attend training, operational meetings and assessment moderation meetings, and sharing training opportunities.

Partners will ensure that all agreed measures required to monitor attendance, progress and achievement are fully met, in particular the use of the agreed attendance system to be completed by the providers and monitored by the home institutions within 30 minutes of the course start time, that providers will complete progress and achievement reports using the agreed system at the dates agreed.

Partners will ensure data is shared effectively in accordance with agreed in the assessment and ILP process which meet statutory data protection requirements.

Partners have indicated in Section 14 SLA any planned subcontracting details.

Partners all agree with the Fair Funding Agreement set out in the Financial Agreement and FFP.

Partners will ensure that all aims and measures relating to equality, especially regarding gender, race and disability, are implemented successfully.

Partners will work collaboratively to ensure effective communication is in place, in particular the arrangements for responding to complaints, concerns and requests for action with regard to particular learners.

Partners will work collaboratively to ensure an effective response to emergencies.

Partner will ensure that trips and visits are logged on the Evolve system or communicated with the school EVC and are completed within the suggested timescales.

School at a Glance

We are inspirational

By approaching students as individuals and understanding their perspectives, we find new and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement with learning. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution here.

We believe in young people

We believe every young person has positive potential and that no student is a “lost cause”, whatever their history. We believe that disengagement is a response to the situation, not the problem, and that given the right support, every student can make a positive contribution.

We are

The young people who come to us have reached a crisis point. Poor choices, combined with a lack of opportunities and insufficient support, have set them on a downward spiral. We will break this cycle.

We are expert professionals

We are experienced, we know what we are doing and can demonstrate that our methods and approach yield outstanding results. We aim to set the standard for excellence in our field and show others how to achieve similar results.
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