We are inspirational

By approaching students as individuals and understanding their perspectives, we find new and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement with learning. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution here.

By bringing passion, empathy and care to their unique cases, we enable our students to grow, move past their history and find their ambition.

We believe in young people

We believe every young person has positive potential and that no student is a “lost cause”, whatever their history.

We believe that disengagement is a response to the situation, not the problem, and that given the right support, every student can make a positive contribution.

Our focus is on the good that we can do, not the harm that has been done.

We are committed

The young people who come to us have reached a crisis point. Poor choices, combined with a lack of opportunities and insufficient support or even abuse, have set them on a downward spiral.

We will break this cycle.

Our students need help to find a way forward and we are proud to guide  them. Whatever it takes, we will be there for them and keep challenging them to be their better self.

In the face of their anger and hurt, and society’s reproof, we will be strong for them and support them in finding a new direction.

We are expert professionals

We are experienced, we know what we are doing and can demonstrate that our methods and approach yield outstanding results.

By focusing on post-16 outcomes and approaching each student as a unique individual, we transform the disengaged young people who come to us into purposeful adults.

Our achievements are impressive and they are also replicable.

We aim to set the standard for excellence in our field and show others how to achieve similar results.

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