Why Rise Academy?

Every child deserves an outstanding education, and the opportunity to thrive in a nurturing environment. Most of the children in our schools have developed the resilience and confidence to manage their school years and be successful. For some children and young people this is not the case and despite their best efforts their life chances are affected by where they live, what their life experience is and also the mental health and capacity of their parents to support them. 

We are a trauma informed provision which recognises the risk factors for children are cumulative and include socio-economic disadvantage, family adversity, educational failure and attention difficulties. These are the precursors to Adverse Childhood Experiences ACES and the numbers of children with multiple risk factors is increasing year on year.  A one size fits all view of school and education is not possible for children who face challenges every day that prevent them for coping in social and emotionally challenging situations.

By approaching students as individuals and understanding their perspectives, we find new and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement with learning. By bringing passion, empathy and care to their unique cases, we enable our students to grow, move past their history and find their ambition.

How does Rise Academy report progress to parents?

Each pupil’s learning journey is captured using our unique assessment tracker. This tracker is a holistic measure of a student’s subject progress while at Rise Academy. The information is taken every half term and a teacher-assessed progress score is evidenced through formal and summative assessment. This data is captured and tracked to ensure all students make steps towards their individualised target grades. This information is shared with parents at each assessment cycle.  Academic Review meetings are scheduled throughout the school year and parents receive information once per term.

To ensure that KS4 students are working towards their aspirational post 16 direction, progress is reviewed against their subject choices; throughout this journey to success, discussions are held to ensure students are on track to meet their potential.

What arrangements does Rise Academy make for pupils who are accessing support or provision from other places?

To ensure our students are able to access the necessary support, we proactively assist them with travel around the city using public transport.

This also helps to develop a sense independence and confidence that will be needed in preparation for their working life in the future.

Rise Academy coordinate all support and provision and provide students with free bus travel vouchers.

How Does Rise Academy support students with Special Educational Needs (SEND)?

An individual learning journey is developed for each student and will always take into account any additional needs the student may have.

Following changes to the SEN code of practice in 2014, we have implemented a system of wave support to ensure those in need are easily identified and the most appropriate support to aid the social, emotional and academic development is available. Our SEND policy is regularly reviewed to ensure we reflect the latest legislation.

School at a Glance

We are inspirational

By approaching students as individuals and understanding their perspectives, we find new and exciting ways to reactivate their engagement with learning. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution here.

We believe in young people

We believe every young person has positive potential and that no student is a “lost cause”, whatever their history. We believe that disengagement is a response to the situation, not the problem, and that given the right support, every student can make a positive contribution.

We are

The young people who come to us have reached a crisis point. Poor choices, combined with a lack of opportunities and insufficient support, have set them on a downward spiral. We will break this cycle.

We are expert professionals

We are experienced, we know what we are doing and can demonstrate that our methods and approach yield outstanding results. We aim to set the standard for excellence in our field and show others how to achieve similar results.
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