Reward Trip – Flamingo Land

The choice to visit Flamingo Land was inspired by wanting to give those students that had worked the hardest and made the most effort the recognition that they deserved by providing them with a memorable and enjoyable experience. As a new member of staff, it offered me a valuable insight into the nurturing culture of Rise and enabled me to get to know the learners better, in a fun environment. 


The students loved the thrill-seeking rides and encouraged and supported others who were a little more nervous about experiencing a rollercoaster for the first time. The lunchtime show at Flamingo Land offered an opportunity to regroup and rest before trying to fit more rides in. Unexpectedly, many of us ended up spending our lunch dancing and singing along to ‘Baby Shark’! 

The learners’ behaviour was impeccable on the day as they responded with respect to other visitors and staff at the park. It was wonderful seeing learners who wouldn’t usually mingle socially with each other, treating each other with kindness and a mature sense of inclusivity.  

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