Year 11 students experienced the sights of London!

Fifteen very excited Year 11 students experienced the sights of London last week! The 6am start did not put off our eager group, who all arrived bright eyed and ready for the day of adventure.


We began our day with a stop off at Buckingham Palace.  They did try to alert the King of our presence, but either he was not home or he really could not hear Nauris’ booming voice calling out for him! 

Next stop was the Houses of Parliament.  Even though this is not our first visit to the magnificent building, we learn and see something new each time.  This year was no exception!  We were very privileged to witness the Lord Speaker walk in procession from the official residence in the Palace to the Lords’ chamber.   

If that was not enough, we visited the Churchill War Rooms, an underground bunker that Churchill had to use to lead the country to victory during WW2.  

It was then onto the highlight of the day, The London Dungeons.  Here, we really got a feel of how it was like to live during some of the most gruesome moments of the past.  The students engaged with tales of the Gunpowder Plot, the witches of Jacobean era and how you could get more than you bargained for when going for a quick trim from Sweeny Todd!  Through the screams, tears and laughter, the students were able to really put themselves into the time period and make contextual links for their English Literature revision. 

A jam-packed day with lots of sights to see and 15 very tired legs. Plans are already being made for next year! 

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